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Notice Board/Circulars

109/05/2018Attendance M.E. (Chemical) 1st Year (March 2018)
209/05/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical) 1st Year (March 2018)
309/05/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical)-MBA 4th Year (March 2018)
404/05/2018Attendance M.E. (Food Tech.) 1st Year (March 2018)
504/05/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical) 3rd Year (March 2018)
604/05/2018 Attendance B.E. (Chemical) 2nd Year (March 2018)
704/05/2018 Attendance B.E. (Chemical)-MBA 5th Year (March 2018)
826/04/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical)-MBA 2nd Year (March 2018)
925/04/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical)-MBA 3rd Year (March 2018)
1020/04/2018Attendance M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) 1st Year (March 2018)
1120/04/2018Attendance B.E. (Chem.) MBA 1st Year (March 2018)
1220/04/2018Attendance B.E. (Food Tech.) 3rd Year (March 2018)
1320/04/2018Attendance B.E. (Food Tech.) 1st Year (March 2018)
1417/04/2018Attendance M.E. (Food Tech.) 1st Year (March 2018)
1517/04/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical) 1st Year (March 2018)
1617/04/2018Attendance M.E. (Food Tech.) 1st Year (Februar 2018)
1717/04/2018Revised Attendance B.E. (Chemical) 1st Year (February 2018)
1811/04/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical)-MBA 2nd Year (February 2018)
1902/04/2018Attendance M.E. (Food Tech.) 1st Year (January 2018)
2002/04/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical) 2nd Year (February 2018)
2102/04/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical)-MBA 5th Year (February 2018)
2202/04/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical)-MBA 4th Year (February 2018)
2302/04/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical)-MBA 3rd Year (February 2018)
2402/04/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical)-MBA 1st Year (February 2018)
2527/03/2018Attendance B.E. (Food Tech.) 1st Year (February 2018)
2626/03/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical) 4th Year (February 2018)
2726/03/2018Attendance B.E. (Chemical) 3rd Year (February 2018)
2819/03/2018Attendance M.Sc. (Ind. Chem.) 1st Year (February 2018)
2919/03/2018Attendance B.E. (Food Tech.) 4th Year (February 2018)
3019/03/2018Attendance B.E. (Food Tech.) 3rd Year (February 2018)
3119/03/2018Attendance B.E. (Food Tech.) 2nd Year (February 2018)
3206/03/2018Attendance M.Sc. (Ind. Chem.) 1st Year (January 2018)
3306/03/2018Attendance B.E. (Chem.)-MBA 2nd Year (January 2018)
3406/03/2018Attendance B.E. (Chem.)-MBA 1st Year (January 2018)
3506/03/2018Attendance B.E. (Food Tech.) 2nd Year (January 2018)
3606/03/2018Attendance B.E. (Food Tech.) 1st Year (January 2018)
3705/03/2018Attendance M.E. (Chem.) 1st Year (January 2018)
3828/02/2018Attendance B.E. (Chem.) 3rd Year (January 2018)
3928/02/2018Attendance B.E. (Chem.) 2nd Year (January 2018)
4028/02/2018Attendance B.E. (Chem.) 1st Year (January 2018)
4116/11/2017Attendance B.E. (Chem.) 2nd Year (Oct.2017)
4216/11/2017Attendance B.E. (F.T.) Ist Year (Oct. 2017)
4316/11/2017Attendance B.E. (F.T.) 3rd Year Year (Oct.2016)
4416/11/2017Attendance M.Sc. (Indl. Chemistry) 2nd Year(Oct.2017)
4515/11/2017attendance M.E. (F.T.) 2nd Year Oct..2017
4615/11/2017M.E.(Chemical) 2nd Year Oct.2017
4715/11/2017Chem with MBA 4th Year (Sept.2017)
4815/11/2017M.E. (Chemical) Ist Year (Sept.2017)
4915/11/2017B.E. (F.T.) Ist Year (Sept.2017)
5015/11/2017B.E. (F.T.) 3rd Year (SEpt.2017)
5115/11/2017B.E. (F.T.) 4th Year Sept.2017
5215/11/2017M.Sc. (Ist Year)Oct.2017
5315/11/2017Chemical with MBA 3rd Year(Oct.2017)
5415/11/2017Attendance B.E. (Chem.) with MBA 4th Year (Oct.2017)
5525/10/2017Attendance M.Sc. (Indl. Chemistry) 2nd Year(Sept.2017)
5625/10/2017attendance M.E. (F.T.) 2nd Year Sept.2017
5725/10/2017Attendance M.E. (F.T.) Ist Year (Sept.2017)
5818/10/2017Attendance B.E. (F.T.) 4th Year Sept.2017
5918/09/2017Attendance B.E. (F.T.) 3rd Year (August 2017)
6018/09/2017Attendance Chem. MBA 2nd Year year August. 2017
6118/09/2017Attendance Chem. 3rd year August. 2017
6218/09/2017Attendance Chem. MBA 5th year August. 2017
6315/09/2017M.Sc. 2nd Year (August 2017)
6415/09/2017Attendance B.E. (F.T.) 2nd Year (August 2017)
6515/09/2017Attendance B.E. (Chem.) 4th Year (August.2017)
6624/04/2017Attendance of B.E. (F.T.) 4th Year March, 2017
6722/04/2017B.E. (F..T.) 3rd Year (March,2017)
6822/04/2017Attendance of B.E. (Chemical) 4th Year March, 2017
6921/04/2017Chemical with MBA 4th Year
7021/04/2017B.E. (Chemical) Ist Year March 2017
7121/04/2017Chemical with MBA 5th Year
7221/04/2017Chemical with MBA 3rd Year
7321/04/2017M.Sc. Ist Year (March, 2017)
7420/04/2017B.E. (F.T.) 2nd Year March, 2017
7520/04/2017Chemical with MBA 2nd Year
7619/04/2017M.E. (F.T.) Ist Year (March 2017)
7719/04/2017B.E. (Chemical) 3rd Year (March,2017)
7819/04/2017M.E. (Chemical)Ist Year March,2017
7910/04/2017Attendance B.E. (F.T.) Ist Year (March 2017)
8010/04/2017Attendance Chemical with MBA Ist Year (March 2017)
8110/04/2017Attendance B.E. (Chemical) 2nd Year (March 2017)
8203/04/2017Attendance B.E. (Chem.) with MBA Ist Year (feb.2017 revised)
8303/04/2017Attendance B.E. (Chem.) 4th Year (Feb.2017)
8403/04/2017Attendance B.E. (F.T.) Ist Year (revised Feb.2017)
8527/03/2017B.E. (F..T.) 4th Year (Feb.2017)
8627/03/2017B.E. (Chem.) 3rd Year (Feb.2017)
8724/03/2017MBA 5th year (Feb.2017)
8824/03/2017MBA 4th year (Feb.2017
8924/03/2017MBA 4th year (Feb.2017
9024/03/2017MBA 3rd year(Feb.2017)
9124/03/2017Mba 2nd year (Feb.2017)
9224/03/2017MMBA Ist Year (Feb.2017)
9323/03/2017B.E. (F..T.) 3rd Year (Feb.2017)
9423/03/2017B.E. (F..T.) 3rd Year (Feb.2017)
9523/03/2017M.Sc. Ist Year (Feb.2017)
9623/03/2017M.E. (F.T.) Ist Year (Feb.2017)
9723/03/2017M.E. (Chemical) Ist Year (Feb.2017)
9823/03/2017B.E. (F.T.) 4th Year (Feb.2017)
9923/03/2017B.E. (F.T.) 2nd Year (Feb.2017)
10023/03/2017B.E. (F.T.) Ist Year (Feb.2017)
10120/02/2017Attendance B.E. (Chem.)with MBA Ist Year (January 2017)
10220/02/2017Attendance B.E. (F.T.) Ist Year (Jan.2017)
10318/02/2017Attendance B.E. (F.T.) 2nd Year (January 2017)
10418/02/2017Attendance B.E. (Chem.) 2nd Year (January 2017)
10518/02/2017Attendance B.E. (Chem.)4th Year
10601/12/2016Attendance B.E. (Chem.) 2nd Year (Oct.2016)
10729/11/2016Attendance B.E. (F.T.) 3rd Year
10822/11/2016Attendance B.E. (Chem.) with MBA 2nd Year (Oct.2016)
10922/11/2016Attendance B.E. (Chem.) with MBA Ist Year (Oct.2016)
11007/11/2016Revised rules and the process of handling shortage of attendance for the session 2016-17.
11107/10/2016Attendance Chem. MBA 5th year Sept.2016
11205/10/2016Attendance Sept.2016 (ME Chem. 2nd Year)
11305/10/2016Attendance M.Sc.(Ist) September,2016
11405/10/2016Attendance M.E. (F.T.) Ist Year (Sept.2016)
11505/10/2016Attendance Sept.2016 (ME FT 2nd Year)
11619/09/2016Rules and the process of handling shortage of attendance.

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